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About BB's Plants

BB's Plants, is a small business dedicated to making sure

that each and every one of our customers is completely 

satisfied with there purchase. 

We thrive when it comes to plants and the care they need. Whether it's a plant or garden design,

we make sure that when the custom is happy with what they have received. 

We offer many different service, plant sales, care and information for each plants, and garden design and maintenance. 

Contact us for more information on our contact page.

What is a garden?

A garden is a sanctuary, a retreat from life's busy routines. It's a space, set aside for cultivation, and a display of plants, nature, and a peace of mind. Sitting on a bench or chair, surrounded by the smell of fragrance and colors of flowers, herbs, and foliage. Imagination can run wild when you can let your mind wonder, away from fast traffic, phone calls, and emails. A garden can incorporate natural from all areas of the world in one place. It's a mixture of natural and constructed elements. It's a silent, loyal friend who listens to you when you whisper to them. 

Tropical Leaves

Plants and their purpose

What can plants do for You? Not only do they look beautiful, they can help you mentally and physically. Adding plants to your home or office can help clean the air your breath. That's right, there is harmful chemicals in the air. Plants clean the air through the process of photosynthesis. As humans breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite. They absorb light, carbon dioxide, and water to manufacture sugar. This chemical process creates oxygen as a byproduct.

Regardless of how good your filtration system in a home or office might be, none have the ability to create oxygen. Oxygen is a vital element of clean and health air. 

Study show that a room with plants contain 50 - 60 percent fewer airborne molds and bacterias than a room with no plants. Plant can also improve concentration and productivity, reduces stress level and boost your mood. 

So consider BB's Plants to help with all your plants and their care.

Contact us for more information. 

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